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Welcome to All City Fence Company!
Where we are building British Columbia’s FINEST FENCES!!

Are You Looking for on-the-job-training?  Do you want to join a thriving in-demand industry? Looking for a High Paying Career Path? 

Here is what WE WANT… and here is what WE CAN GIVE YOU!

We are seeking that one person who stands out form the crowed to offer the highest level of customer service to our clients! A man who is not afraid to admit they “do not know” or “do not understand”. We can TEACH you! Someone who is not afraid of physical labor and the ability to learn quickly.  An efficient worker who can keep up with the fast-paced culture of All City Fence Company.

We will teach you a skilled trade in a valuable, ever growing industry. We will keep you physically fit while strengthening your life skills. If you have been seeking to become a skilled tradesman with a wide range of hand tools…  We can help build your confidence in that area and many others including welding, building handrail and custom concrete work. As well as building retaining walls, custom wood work and full size operating gates.

 All City Fence will be known for its quality fence and unsurpassed customer service. We are setting the groundwork to become Greater Vancouver’s Next Big Fence Company!

This is a HUGE opportunity for the individuals who are Hard Workers with a BRIGHT Future in mind!!!

We are building our Team for greatness with No Compromises!  
Few Companies are skilled in building all types of fences,

at All City Fence. WE ARE. When the economy is under pressure, fence building is placed in higher demand because people are looking to protect their assets. An individual with these skills will never have a lack of opportunities where ever life takes you.

Those individuals who excel in this industry with quality and precision will find themselves with a salary that surpasses others requiring a college or university degree.